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  • FinTech

    We offer digital advancement to keep your financial services up to date and empower your business with innovative technologies including blockchain, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We develop financial technology solutions for B2B payment processors, digital banks, lending providers, and supply chain financing companies.

  • Banking

    Solid's developers are on a high alert to deliver all-round custom mobile apps for banks and financial services companies. Our team provides full-cycle mobile app development services, from consulting and UI/UX design to testing, deployment and market release. Solid offers a rich variety of mobile apps for financial companies, including insurance mobile apps, investment mobile apps, accounting mobile apps, mobile banking apps, digital wallet apps and more.

  • Security & Risk Management

    Solid’s solution uses predictive models based on both historical and real-time data, allowing us to show you a more detailed picture of what typical fraud signals might look like and thus to help you to reach a correct decision on whether to block each specific transaction or not. Self-learning system or in other terms, machine learning has been a recent trend in fraud prevention and we have fully utilized it rather than using a traditional rule-based system.

Payment platform development

Create a payment platform that ensures convenient payment options for users and tools for developers to implement in their own apps and websites

Omnichannel payments

Develop the infrastructure, required to accept payments with the same comfort, user flow and firm regulations regardless of the source

Loyalty software

Our loyalty program software includes an API which integrates with content management systems and social media, which makes it easier to distribute rewards for targeted behavior through social channels

API development

Improve your digital offerings using third-party applications and services. Our existing experience and integrations will enable you to roll out new services within a few days

  • Fully automated workflows

    Fully automated workflows

    Solid engine reviews every transaction based on a conjunction of machine learning algorithms, industry-specific data and range of rules and criterias set-up based on your experience and knowledge of the business. Once you customize the rules, our solution marks every transaction with a score based on which the decision is taken whether it is approved, declined, routed to 3D Secure or other means of two-factor authentication. You will achieve unbelievable levels of automation are available with just a few clicks.


  • Ease of integration

    Ease of integration and application

    The extensive package of anti-fraud tools offered includes individual solutions such as analytical review, simulation, rule-based scoring and case management. In addition, we offer a Fraud Prevention Dashboard, which includes all the separate functions and can be adapted to meet individual requirements. No need for additional integration – the set of tools will be just added to your admin panel.


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Fraud Prevention Solutions and Software

Antifraud scoring engine

The purpose of this guide is to provide more details on the features of anti-fraud solution that we have designed and how we use it with specific attention to such features as machine learning, device fingerprinting, online persona detection and data-driven analytics we use to adapt to the specifics of our platform users and their individual fraud exposure.


The reality of trading online that you always need to choose balance between those two – the fewer false positives you have the more false negatives will occur and vice versa. It is important to note that businesses are not always fully capable to control this equation since there are regulations of card associations which place limits on allowed number of chargebacks and in case of breaching those regulations sanctions and costs will follow. Consequences of non-compliance may be severe in some cases not only in monetary terms of fines and penalties, card associations might also disqualify sellers and such a situation will effectively result into even more severe losses up to bankruptcy.

The algorithms which underpin our solution make predictions in real-time about the integrity of a transaction based on information from legitimate and fraudulent transactions. Machine learning is usually discussed in context of fraud prevention, but it can also play a role as a transaction approval tool – and we offer such an opportunity to users of our platform. Using evaluation of patterns in good transactions, we can make definite distinctions between normal and fraudulent transactions.

We have integrated machine learning into automated fraud screening layer and online sellers can now use it for identifying high-risk transactions, profiles and accounts, detecting and analyzing changes in user behavior and combatting account takeover – quite a few uses apart from traditional transaction screening.

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