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Antifraud & Risk Management

Recognize loyal shoppers and reduce fraud by utilizing a data-driven approach and flexible risk management engine.

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Custom-Built Rules
Custom-Built Rules
Manage risk your way by setting rules for how payments are processed and criteria for how they should be routed.
Automatic Risk Profiles
Automatic Risk Profiles
Score each user and transaction based on internal and external data. Minimize risks while maximizing conversions.
Chargeback defense
Chargeback Defense
Reduce the burden of lengthy disputes by automatically deflecting chargebacks and freeing up your team.
Built-in 3DS2 and SCA
Built-In 3DS2 and SCA
Reduce fraud, increase conversion, be ready for PSD2, and provide customer-friendly authentication with 3DS2.

Prevent Fraud While Prioritizing Seamless Payment Experience

The Solidgate fraud detection engine helps you enable secure transactions while detecting and preventing fraud threats across multiple acquiring channels.

Reduce Fraud and Protect Conversions

Recognize loyal shoppers and reduce fraud by utilizing payment data. Stop blocking legitimate customers and enhance their shopping experience while precisely identifying and preventing potentially suspicious or risky activities.

Improved rates
Improved fraud detection rates
Fewer false positives
Fewer false positives
Customer protection
Greater customer protection
Prevention of emerging fraud types
Prevention of emerging fraud types

Detect Fraud and Minimize Risks

Protect payments, secure revenue, and ensure compliance with a single data-driven solution.

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Use Hundreds of Data Points in Our Antifraud Solution


Different data types help map and predict fraudulent risks and filter suspicious payments.

  • Historical account data
  • Merchant data
  • Customer behavior data
  • Digital fingerprinting services data
  • Global blacklists data
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3DS2 for Protection Against Fraud


Functionality that mitigates risk, supports informed decision making, and improves customer journey ultimately leads to higher conversion rates. Authentication is completed in the background or with minimal customer input. Every transaction is routed based on regulation type, risk assessment criteria, and policies tailored for your business.

  • Higher conversion rates due to improved user experience
  • Frictionless payment flow
  • Chargeback minimization
  • PSD2-ready
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Reduce Fraud and Improve Conversion with Solidgate

Our anti-fraud service works with all types of online businesses and helps our clients fully comply with the schemes’ applicable rules and regulations. Get a quote!

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