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Chargeback Management Service

Decrease your chargeback ratio and cut costs by preventing chargeback claims at customer inquiry or by auto-resolving disputes with Solidgate.

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Common Challenges Caused by Excessive Chargebacks

revenue lost
Potential revenue loss if MID is terminated
limit business scaling
Сhargeback thresholds limit business scaling
additional cost
Additional costs stemming from chargeback fees
administrative expenses
Administrative expenses to support legal infrastructure
higher fees
Higher acquiring fees for businesses considered “high-risk”
fewer opportunities
Fewer acquiring opportunities available

Quit Losing Revenue due to Chargebacks

Prevent, resolve, or recover chargebacks easily with Solidgate.

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Chargeback Management Solutions


Prevent disputes and save revenue by sharing enhanced transaction data with issuers and customers in real time.

  • Improve experience

    Provide issuers and buyers with billing info, facilitate zero confusion, and increase customer loyalty & satisfaction.

  • Save revenue

    Minimize friendly fraud and stop disputes before they occur with chargeback alerts.

  • Strengthen bank relations

    Lower merchant dispute ratios and build lasting partnerships with acquirers, PSPs, and ISOs.


Resolve is the ultimate chargeback prevention tool for your business. Multiple card-brand alerts and automatic resolution of disputes without merchant involvement.

  • Lower chargeback ratio

    Prevent MIDs from burning out.

  • Decrease fees

    Minimize chargeback and dispute costs in your P&L.

  • Reduce dispute times

    Auto-resolve disputes and refund customers faster.


Recover is a chargeback representment solution that helps merchants reclaim revenue after the customer’s abusive chargeback.

  • Boost win rate

    Use our comprehensive custom templates for dispute management.

  • Automate operations

    Address a wide majority of chargebacks using our solution.

  • Improve ROI

    Respond to abusive chargebacks and regain the transaction value.

How Much Do Chargebacks Cost Your Business?

Cut Your Chargebacks by Half

Using our direct connection to Visa, Mastercard, and issuing banks, we assist merchants during the initial stages of the dispute resolution process.

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