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Subscription Management at Scale

Make sure customers keep coming back time and time again with recurring payment technology built for any business, location, and payment setup.

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All Features You’ll Ever Need for Recurring Payments

Capture more revenue, retain customers, support new business models, and accept recurring payments with ease.

Charge for one-time purchases and save tokens for future one-click payments.
Charge the same amount on a regular basis.
Metered billing
Metered Billing
Set different prices based on volume, add-ons, or usage tiers.
Multiple currencies
Multiple Currencies
Increase conversions and payment acceptance by offering subscriptions in local currencies.
Trial periods
Trial Periods
Let your users test the product before the purchase.
Billing frequency
Billing Frequency
Bill daily, weekly, monthly, annually – or use your custom payment calendar. In advance or arrears.
Revenue recovery
Revenue Recovery
Reduce churn with smart retries, automated failed payment emails, and an automatic card updater.
Drive more revenue by upselling one-time products and services with your subscription plans.
Update payment method
Update Payment Method
Let the customer update the payment method on the billing portal.

Make the Most of Subscriptions

Provide uninterrupted services, streamline revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction in one go.

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Ideal Retry Attempts

Ideal retry attempts

Solidgate subscription engine creates custom retry logic. It schedules data-driven retry attempts when the effort is most likely to be successful. Thereby dramatically increasing revenue compared to a simple, static schedule.

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custom schedule
Custom Schedule
You can set a custom retry schedule depending on locations, time zones, and additional requirements.
discount mechanics
Discount Mechanics
Propose discounts during retries to increase user LTV.
card updater
Card Updater
Automatic card updates help minimize missed bill payments due to outdated card information.
fewer ineffective retries
Fewer Ineffective Retries
Special algorithms for optimizing retries versus failed payments.

Enhance Your Subscriptions Using Payment Page


No-code integration available. Use our tailor-made Payment page functionality for billing subscriptions.

  • Fast start
  • No-code integration
  • Easy customization
  • Email notifications
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Billing Portal for Subscriptions

billing portal

On the billing portal, the customer can manage their subscription – update, cancel it, customize payment methods, and more.

  • Update, pause, or cancel subscriptions
  • Update payment methods
  • Stay compliant
  • Get fewer customer complaints
  • Minimize chargebacks
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