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Report: External Payment Options for App Developers

Our latest research will help you leverage the latest app market developments for a positive unit economy, more aggressive scaling, and developing new products with at least 2x better ROI.

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    External payment options for apps

    Solidgate Report in a Nutshell

    Apple and Google's recent changes to app store rules affected in-app purchases and third-party payments as we know them. Our report will keep you posted on the updated guidelines and help you make well-informed decisions regarding your app monetization strategy. Here’s what you’ll find in this report:

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    Current App Store guidelines and Google Play billing policy

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    The latest developments in app publishers vs. tech giants cases

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    Changes to mobile application stores’ rules in different countries

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    In-app and external payment options on the web in comparison

    Case study

    Case study: Solidgate’s payment processing solution for apps

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    Quick guide about adapting to new regulations for app developers

    Upgrade Your App Monetization Strategy

    The winners will be those companies that adapt to the changes faster than others and start using external payment providers first. From our research, you'll learn what you can do right now to avoid falling behind the market.