Solidgate Introduces Product and Price API for Subscriptions

Product and Price API – Create Subscription Products and Manage Prices

solidgate product and price api

Enjoy the new Product and Price functionality and improved API enabling you to create and manage prices for subscription products. Get more customization options like multiple currencies, trial options, flexible billing periods, and dynamic pricing. Let’s dive into the benefits and business value this update brings to your operations.

Product and Price Benefits

Multiple currencies for global reach

Our new Multiple Currencies feature lets you easily offer products in different locations. Create a single product with billing frequency information, and set up multiple prices in different currencies for each selling region. This simplifies your customers’ purchasing journey, allowing them to pay in their preferred currency.

Flexible trial management

Customize trial periods to suit your business needs with our updated trial configuration system. Choose from three options: without trial, free trial, and paid trial. Craft the perfect trial policy for your product and optimize your business model to drive conversions.

Precise billing frequency configuration

Our system also enables you to create products with varying billing periods. Select the billing period duration and unit to suit your unique requirements. The following billing period units are now available:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

For example, set up a bi-weekly billing cycle by configuring the billing period unit as week and duration as 2.

Adding prices on the go

Now you don’t have to create new products every time your price policy changes or a new target market appears. Simply add new prices to an existing product and start using them immediately. Keep your product catalog up-to-date and adapt to changes swiftly.

Getting Started

Solidgate offers you two simple setup options to explore the power of our Product and Prices features:

API: Powerful integration

If you have dynamic, vast product catalogs or complex pricing needs (such as limited-time offers for certain users), our API for products and prices is the perfect solution for you. It allows you to create and manage specific prices with ease. Find detailed information in our payment guide and API specification.

HUB: User-friendly web interface

Manage your product catalog through our intuitive web interface – HUB. No code integration is required. Setting up your product catalog is now easier than ever. Refer to our payment guide for more information.

At Solidgate, we focus on providing practical tools to enhance your business operations. These updates will streamline your subscription product management and deliver exceptional value to your customers.

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