New Processing Integrity Program Fees by Visa

New Visa Fees – One More Reason to Switch to 2-Step Payment Flow

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Visa introduced the Processing Integrity Program fees in Europe, starting from July 2023. These fees will be applied to transactions not complying with the required processing integrity standards.

We at Solidgate value your convenience and savings. By transitioning to a secure 2-step payment flow, you can not only simplify your transaction process but also steer clear of the new Visa fees. The switch from the 1-step flow ensures smoother transactions while safeguarding your financial interests.

What are the New Processing Integrity Program Fees?

Visa’s Processing Integrity Program is designed to uphold two fundamental principles: the necessity of authorization and the clearance (or reversal) of approved authorizations. This program serves as a crucial safeguard against issues like erroneous authorizations and force-post transactions that can impact cardholders. The following fees will be assessed for domestic and international transactions that are not authorized, reversed, or cleared as required:

new visa fees

How to Avoid the New Fees with a 2-Step Payment Flow?

  1. If you use Solidgate’s auto-settle feature:
    – it is required to send us the settle_interval parameter in each payment request with type:auth
    – it is necessary to manually initiate the settlement process, if you send a settle_interval with null
    – you may initiate a partial settlement before the time interval expires, which will automatically void the remaining hold amount
    – it is necessary to monitor order status to be sure the order is successfully settled (settle_ok) and void orders that are not settled after the time interval expires.
  2. If you don’t use the auto-settle feature:
    – submit money capturing exclusively for valid orders with the auth_ok statuses through the settle operation
    – always promptly cancel mistaken money holds on users’ accounts using the void operation
    – monitor order status to be sure the order is successfully settled and void orders with auth_ok status that are not settled.
  3. Always secure authorization before submitting clearing transactions to maintain compliance;
  4. Void authorizations that won’t be cleared within the defined time frame to prevent potential issues;
  5. Process reversals for cardholder-canceled transactions and erroneous authorizations promptly.

We encourage you to switch to the 2-step payment flow if you haven’t done so yet. This transition not only shields you from unnecessary expenses but also ensures a smoother, more secure transaction experience.

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