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System to Avoid Fraud Effectively (SAFE) is a Mastercard initiative designed to provide merchants with comprehensive information about cardholder fraud claims. While it does not directly prevent chargebacks or fraudulent transactions, SAFE serves as a valuable resource for merchants to understand better the nature and circumstances surrounding fraud claims made by their customers.

The primary function of SAFE is to document and compile relevant data points associated with cardholder fraud claims. This includes details such as the type of fraud, the transaction amount, the date and time of the transaction, and any other pertinent information that could assist merchants in identifying patterns or potential vulnerabilities in their fraud prevention systems.

By leveraging the data collected through SAFE, merchants can gain insights into the specific areas where their fraud prevention measures may need improvement. This information can help them implement more effective strategies to mitigate fraud risks, enhance their fraud detection capabilities, and ultimately provide a safer and more secure shopping experience for their customers.

SAFE operates similarly to Visa’s TC40 program, which serves a comparable purpose for Visa cardholders and merchants. Both initiatives aim to promote transparency and collaboration between card issuers and merchants in the fight against fraudulent activities.


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