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Acquirer Reference Number


Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) is a unique identifier assigned to a financial transaction by the acquiring bank or payment processor. It serves as a crucial reference in the payment ecosystem, facilitating communication and tracking throughout the transaction lifecycle.

ARN allows parties involved, including merchants, card issuers, and payment card networks, to trace and investigate a specific transaction. In case of disputes, chargebacks, or inquiries, ARN plays a crucial role in identifying and retrieving transaction details quickly.

ARNs are usually 23-digit codes that can be different but always between 8-30 characters. This alphanumeric code typically contains information about the transaction date, time, and other relevant details. Both online and offline transactions generate ARNs, ensuring a standardized identification method across various payment channels.

Efficient management of ARNs is imperative for streamlined transaction processing, dispute resolution, and maintaining transparency in the financial ecosystem.


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